It is a successful method of roof cleaning that elimintaes the risk of damage to your roofs’ original luster while removing the harmful black algae.

It is black algae, found to be a prehistoric bacteria called Gleocapsa Magma, a cyanobacteria spawning from the hot humid climates of South Florida. These black stains are the bacteria in mass amounts covering the surface of your roof. This bacteria causes substantial destruction of roof tiles and shingles if not cleaned/removed properly.

Our non-pressure cleaning procedure removes algae, mildew and black mold from the roof while insuring no damage will be caused to the roof surface. It is done with the Spot Free Soft Wash method. But more importantly, if not mixed properly even a softwash cleaning can harm your roof. The solution we use is in a gel form so as to stick the surface, thus reducing the strength required to clean the roof. The result, less runoff and a cleaner roof from the solution not immediately running off. The roofs stay cleaner for a longer time with less damage to the roof surface and surrounding plant-life.

Yes, We also offer a wide array of cleaning services for surfaces that can be pressure washed such as: concrete, brick, wood, Vinyl/PVC, Stucco/Dryvit, Aluminum, Gutters, Soffit, Fascia….It is done with a high volume low pressure foaming algaecide detergent.

Yes, Algae thrives in the Tampa Bay areas subtropical, moist, humid coastal environment. As with any climate and homes being exposed to all these elements, the Tampa Bay Area has its own set of requirements and specific needs. Spot Free Roofs has a tailor made maintenance programs for each property’s specific needs. Routinely cleaning your all your property safeguards your health, saves you money on utilities, and maintains the curb appeal of your home.

As mentioned before the gel type solution we use is part and parcel to protecting your plants while cleaning your roof. Because it sticks to the roof without running off, unlike the traditional roof cleaning mixes the necessity for it being strong to do the job quick before running off the roof onto your plants is a thing of the past. We do however still place tarps out and strategically place sprinklers throughout your yard to mitigate any and all plant loss.

Yes we are and as a matter of fact we have even been known to fly to the states of Oregon and Virginia to clean roofs.

Spot Free can restore the beauty of your home. Roof stains will be the main focal point of your home’s exterior. And, if you are hoping to sell your house, roof cleaning is a must! We guarantee an instant curb appeal. That is one of the most contributing factors in selling a home.

The maintenance program is explained with each tailor made roof cleaning program. Based on your guarantee you have the option to rehire our services at a later date for a much reduced rate.

Not at all. We cover the whole United states if need be.

No. While home improvement stores boast high pressure machines and fancy equipment with labels like “commercial grade” and “industrial strength” these machines are just not made for the abuse. A typical advertised 4 gallon per minute machine claiming 4200 PSI only puts out 3.5 gallons per minute at only 3200 PSI on a good day. Years ago we rented a machine for an extra employee for one day. The machine could not produce. They are best meant for car detailing and patio washing at best.

Here is the difference. We use a true 8 gallon per minute at 4000 PSI machine.To factor in the cleaning units you just multiply the two figures. It comes out to 32,000 cleaning units. Now take that and add in 250 degree steam. The difference of that versus 11,200 cleaning units out of a home improvement machine pumping room temperature water.

We don’t run these kinds of pressures for the typical house washing and wood cleaning, however there is not substitute for high volume cleaning.

The 32,000 cleaning units will not only clean faster but in the long run, over the course of a under an hour it will use less water. The 32,000 cleaning units operating at 250 degrees will also clean over 1/2″ below the surface of the cement, getting the algae and dirt up by its roots. The result is a cleaner surface with the ability to stay cleaner longer.

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